Vol. 1

Vol. 2
Narrative Illustration on Qajar Tilework in Shiraz

Autor:Atefeh Seyed Mousavi

Publisher:Verlag für Orientkunde

Publication date:December 2018

Series:Beiträge zur Kulturgeschichte des Islamischen Orients
 (Contributions to the Cultural History of the Islamic Orient)


Paperback:Vol. 1, 335 pages (Texts); Vol. 2, 268 pages (Coloured Images)

Price for two volumes:79 €

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Tilework illustration of the Qajar period has received comparatively little scholarly consideration. This applies specifically to Shiraz, where the art was abundantly practiced. My book, the first of its kind, presents a detailed analytical study of Qajar tile painting in Shiraz.

The material has been collected during two extensive fieldwork trips. Having collected more than 5,000 photos, I have chosen 42 historical buildings in Shiraz with tile work decoration for a detailed analysis, supplying minute descriptions for each and every image together with a solid documentation of the tiles' respective location in the buildings.

My study identifies, classifies and analyzes the depicted themes and the craftsmanship behind it. Particular attention has been devoted to a detailed discussion of the prominent themes, their argument and motivation, as well as to popular artists of the period. In addition to the study, my work contains ample visual documentation.

Note: This book has been published with the financial support of The Barakat Trust.